Flint Hills TEA Party
Flint Hills TEA Party

Early Voting in Person for 2018

Date: 11/03/18
Time: 8am - 12pm
Location: Respective County Clerk Offices

The pertinent action dates in advance of the November election are:

November 3  Early voting in the Clerk’s office 8am - 12pm

November 5  Advance voting in person closes (12 noon)

November 6  VOTE like your state/county depends on it as it does!!!...NOT Voting is a vote for what you don't want.

Please make a list of your children, family, and close friends and check if they are registered and if they will be in town on November 6th. If they need to be registered, see the link is below. If they will not be in town on November 6th, please help them obtain an absentee ballot.  The absentee ballot request form is available on-line at: http://www.kssos.org/forms/Elections/AV1.pdf  Forms are also available at the county clerk's office.

If you, or family, or friends, have to register (recently moved into the county or turned 18) or re-register (address change or name change) to vote, please do it sooner, rather than later to make sure it is done.

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