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RCRP - Biennial Hamburger Fry & Candidate Forum

Date: 07/17/16
Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: Presbyterian Church Family Life Center

The following information provided by Eileen King, Riley County Republican Chair, regarding the Riley County Republican Party Biennial Hamburger Fry and Candidate Forum:

"The Biennial Hamburger Fry and Candidate Forum will be on July 17 at the First Presbyterian Church Family Life Center from 4:30 – 6:30. Please bring your favorite covered dish to share.  The hamburgers and drinks will be provided.  This is a change in the location because the city has decided not to rent out the pavilion in City Park because of the Little Apple Day Camp.  It’s a new rule this year."

"County Commissioner Bob Boyd faces a primary challenge from Marvin Rodriquez in August, while County Commissioner Ron Wells has Democrat opposition in November.  In the primary US Senate race DJ Smith is challenging incumbent Jerry Moran.  For the primary US 1st District Representative Roger Marshall is challenging incumbent Tim Huelskamp.   Kansas 22nd District Senator Tom Hawk(D) and 67th District Representative Tom Phillips do not have any opposition.  For 66th District Representative Republican Stan Hoerman is challenging Sydney Carlin in the general election and 64th District Representative Susie Swanson is being challenged by Kathy Martin in the primary." 

"It appears Donald Trump is our nominee for President, so we are preparing for the General Election.  It was a contentious primary, but now that we have a nominee, we must all join together to support the nominee.  No matter who you were for in the primary, we have a lot more in common with other Republicans than we do with the Democrats. So lets put the past behind us to support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton." 

Eileen King, RCRP chair,  acknowledged her oversight in the earlier email:  "I understand that I forgot to mention Rep Ron Highland as another candidate without primary opposition.  While I’m at it, Deena Horst is running for a seat on the State School Board.  She is a Republican from Salina." 

Eileen King, RCRP chair, further addressed our question of time for all candidates to speak including those without opposition:  "The notice to them says they have less time than those with opposition. They aren't precluded from speaking to their constituents."

Eileen King, RCRP chair, acknowledged her oversight earlier in another email:  "..., I want apologize for leaving two people off last month’s email, who do not have opposition.  Kudos to Shilo Heger and Barry Wilkerson for not having opposition.

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